It is hard to believe that it has already been almost a year since I completed my undergrad at CSU Channel Islands and almost a year and a half since I wrapped up my Capstone Research Project on Santa Cruz Island!  Time has definitely flown by post-school, and while I have enjoyed getting in to “the work grind”, I do miss my days as a student.  My Capstone Project was picked up by a graduate student from UCLA, whom I believe is still conducting the Project to this day.  It was great being able to conduct the first leg of this Project, thus laying the foundation for it to not only continue but to also grow.  I have recently updated my Capstone Research page to include a copy of my final poster which was presented at the SAGE Student Conference in May 2016.  I have also provided a copy of the final report for the Project.  A special thanks go out to Dr. Sean Anderson for his knowledge, guidance, and expertise, and also to the National Park Service for partnering with this exciting project!